SCRUM product owners

  • JC Guzman
  • Andreas Wicenec
  • Slava Kitaeff

WP 1 – Data Transfer

Deliverable – MWA and ASKAP datasets are being transferred from Pawsey to SHAO in a streaming mode with user-friendly management consoles at a sustained rate of >400 MB/s.

  1. Xiaoying Zheng (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS) 
  2. Zhong Chen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory) 
  3. Gregory Sleap (Curtin University) – team lead
  4. Timothy Rayner (AARNet) 
  5. Yongmao Ren (CSTNET) 
  6. Zhangsheng Wu (CSTNET)  
  7. Yuepeng Li   (CSTNET) 
  8. Tongyu Ma (CSTNET)

WP 2 – Pipelines

WP 2.1 Algorithms

Deliverable –  software running inside the SHAO cluster – flagging (across time and baselines), distributed calibration (across frequencies, SAGECal, RTS, ASKAPsoft), and imaging pipeline with quality control, source finding (Sofia, Duchamp).

WP 2.1.1 Ingest (Flagging & Calibration)
WP 2.1.2 Imaging
WP 2.1.3 Source Finding

  1. Xiao Chen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS) 
  2. Prashanth Mohan (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory) 
  3. Zhiyong Liu (Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory,CAS) 
  4. Slava Kitaeff (ICRAR-CSIRO)
  5. Feng Wang (Guangzhou University) 
  6. Ying MEI (Yunnan Observatory, CAS/Guangzhou University) 
  7. Yang Lu (SHAO) 
  8. Weitian LI (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 
  9. Haoyuan Zhang (SHAO)
  10. Matthew Whiting (CSIRO)  – team lead

WP 2.2 Execution Framework

Deliverable – DALiuGE fully controls and manages concurrent executions of three graphs – data simulation graph, data ingest pipeline graph, and imaging pipeline graph, with a full utilisation of the SHAO cluster resources including NVMe and accelerators.

  1. Chen Wu (ICRAR, UWA) – team lead
  2. Baoqiang Lao (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS) 
  3. Hui Deng (Guangzhou University) 
  4. Rodrigo Tobar (ICRAR) (½)
  5. Wasim Raja (CSIRO) 
  6. Shoulin Wei (Kunming University of Science and Technology) 

WP 3 – Data Management

Deliverable – (a) An NGAS cluster is running inside SHAO cluster that manages all data – including archive, ingest cache, processing cache, and data subscriptions. (b) An IVOA compliant interface that allows users to access visibilities and images (cubes) using IVOA tools and Python API. MWA ASVO.

  1. Shaoguang Guo (SHAO) 
  2. James Dempsey (CSIRO)  – team lead
  3. Lingling Wang (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory) 
  4. Yong Tang (Sugon company)
  5. Rodrigo Tobar (ICRAR) (½) 
  6. Qing Ji (Sugon company) 

WP 4 – Hardware/software co-design

Deliverable – Set up the workload characterisation framework on SHAO cluster that will inform the future hardware/software co-design work using an established algorithm (e.g. gridding, calibration).

  1. Andreas Wicenec (University of Western Australia)  – team co-lead
  2. Ryan Sun (Intel China) 
  3. Jiang CHEN (Intel China) 
  4. Congrong Ren (Nanjing Innovative Tech.) 
  5. Mingfeng Yang (Nanjing Innovative Tech.) 
  6. Quan Guo (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)  – team co-lead
  7. Jianwen Wei (Shanghai Jiaotong University)  

WP 5 – Integration & Acceptance Testing

Deliverable – Provide simulation data. A single, working solution that has integrated Work Packages from 1 to 4 with user documentation and a web portal for real-time user interaction will be delivered.

  1. Tao An (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)  – team co-lead
  2. Kevin Vinsen (ICRAR) 
  3. Juan Carlos Guzman (CSIRO) – team co-lead
  4. Eric Bastholm (CSIRO) 
  5. Zhen Zhao (SHAO) 

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