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  • Australian SKA Regional Centre Workshop

    Dates: 27 – 29 Nov, 2017

    Venue: Trinity Residential College (230 Hampden Rd, Crawley WA 6009)


    Australia hosts the SKA pathfinders ASKAP and MWA, and will host the SKA1-Low. Australia participates in and leads a number of major SKA Science Working Groups. While the SKA Observatory is responsible for the generation of calibrated data products, advanced data products, like spectra or science grade catalogues, are within the scope of SKA Regional Centres (SRC). The data volume of surveys and also the sizes of individual observatory-provided data products will be too large to be served via the traditional download model. Data-centric or in-archive processing that minimise the movement of data are the preferred models for science data analysis as part of SRC. The data products need to be curated and served according to SKA policies. Multi-messenger data may need to be co-located and co-processed. Distributed science teams will need new tools, methods, frameworks and algorithms to maximise the scientific productivity.

    This by invitation only workshop focused on:

    • Overviewing the current activities, science and technical projects that are within the scope of SRC.
    • Developing the high level requirements and a roadmap for Australian SRC, with an initial focus on data from the Australian precursors (MWA and ASKAP).
    • Discussing collaboration models and common goals of Australian SRC with other SRCs around the globe, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.
    • Learning from the international regional science centres of other large science projects around the world.

    Workshop program


    Minh Huynh (chair) – ICRAR/CASS
    Baerbel Koribalski – CASS
    Peter Quinn – ICRAR
    Sarah Pearce – CASS
    George Heald – CASS
    Slava Kitaeff – ICRAR/CASS
    Stuart Wyithe – University of Melbourne
    Cath Trott – ICRAR


    Slava Kitaeff (chair) – ICRAR/CASS (For urgent contacts: +61 4 0429 7414)
    Chen Wu – ICRAR
    Lisa Randall – ICRAR
    Tracey O’Keefe – ICRAR
    Andreas Wicenec – ICRAR
    Juan-Carlos Guzman – CASS
    Aidan Hotan – CASS