The ERIDANUS Project is a three year design study commenced in April 2017, aimed at deploying prototype data intensive research infrastructure and middleware, between and within Australia and China, capable of addressing SKA-class data and processing challenges. The Project will respond to challenges identified by the SRCCG and will work in a coordinated and collaborative manner with the European Aeneas (Advanced European Network for E-infrastructures for Astronomy with the SKA) Project.

The ERIDANUS Project engages with:

  • The astronomical communities within Australia and China with guidance from the ACAMAR research centre,
  • The providers of networking and computing research infrastructure (e.g. research network providers, supercomputer centres, commercial cloud providers),
  • National and international committees (e.g. SRCCG, ASRCWG) coordinating efforts on SKA regional centre developments,
  • SKA precursor/pathfinder projects – 21CMA, FAST, MWA, ASKAP, to enable large scale prototyping and the support of specific science programs.

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